Q. What SLIMCARD is?

A. SLIMCARD - it is next generation electronic card that keeps all your plastic cards in one device. You will easily get discounts and save your money anywhere in the world with SLIMCARD. You don’t have to take your phone out of the pocket, SLIMCARD detects required card automatically and works in one click.

Q. What are the advantages of SLIMCARD?

A. The main advantages of SLIMCARD all existing solutions are:
Travel easy - SLIMCARD is 100% compatible with all commercial facilities around the world.
Easy operation - SLIMCARD has intelligent algorithm of work that determines required card automatically, depending on your preference and location. You do not even have to take the phone and run the application, it is sufficient that you have the phone with you.
Share your discounts - with the help of mobile application you can easily ask for discounts from your friends.
Large flexible display - unique flexible E-Ink display allows to display any image on SLIMCARD including pictures, barcodes, QR-codes, name of card holder - everything required for the cashier to easily identify your card.
Control your phone - SLIMCARD can control the camera, audio player of your phone, and accept\reject calls, receive and view the various notifications (SMS, events, social media, e-mail, etc.)

Q. Why do I need SLIMCARD?

A. According to statistics, the average American family loses more than $500 a year from the loss of profits when they forgot or lose their discount card. We have developed SLIMCARD for you so that you can save in the daily life and reduce the amount of plastic in your wallets.

Q. What cards can I add SLIMCARD?

A. All existing types of loyalty cards: discount cards, loyalty cards, memory cards, gift cards, bonus cards, electronic tickets, coupons, etc

Q. Can I use SLIMCARD to make payments?

A. No. Copying information from the magnetic strip of a credit card called skimming. Skimming is illegal and is a criminal offense in many countries. We do not want our customers to have trouble with the law. In the future we plan to add payments with NFC chip, whith will require firmware update of a card.

Q. Does SLIMCARD support EMV chip?

A. No. EMV chip contains a private key of the chip. The secret key of the chip identifying the card in banking operations, is stored in the protected memory, it is written in the memory chip at the manufacturing stage, and can not be removed with the help of external devices without disturbing the integrity of the chip. In other words, you just cannot make a copy of card with EMV chip. Therefore, in there is no sense for SLIMCARD to support cards with EMV chips.

Q. Where can I use SLIMCARD?

A. SLIMCARD can be used in any commercial networks around the world as usual loyalty card. SLIMCARD is 100% compatible with any commercial equipment.

Q. How can I share cards with your friends?

A. You can share with mobile app SLIMCARD or online service at website myslimcard.com

Q. Will retail accept SLIMCARD?

A. Yes. SLIMCARD can simulate the data from magnetic strip and displays same information for discount cards (name of the cardholder, card status, card face discount value, card type, barcode, QR-code, card number and other information on the card) that allows the cashier to easily identify the card and use it instead of plastic card issued by retail.

Q. How can I get support?

A. You need to contact our experts by email: support@myslimcard.com

Q. How can I contact you about a potential partnership?

A. You need to write to us at: partnerships@myslimcard.com

Q. How can I be notified about new features?

A. Follow our news on Facebook: www.facebook.com/myslimcard and on our website myslimcard.com.

Q. What is the price of SLIMCARD?

A. The retail SLIMCARD will cost about $120. At the moment, there is a special limited offer - the price of one card - $79.99. The kit includes: SLIMCARD hardware card, reader for magnetic stripe, charger.

Q. How can I purchase SLIMCARD?

A. SLIMCARD can be purchased online myslimcard.com.

Q. How can I pay for the SLIMCARD?

A. You can pay by credit card on our website myslimcard.com, click on Pre-Order link.

Q. Will be my card charged immediately?

A. Yes. We are a startup, so these funds will be used for the manufacture of SLIMCARD for you.

Q. When do you plan to deliver SLIMCARD?

A. We plan to carry out delivery in early 2016. Watch out for the exact date of delivery.

Q. Do you offer international shipping?

A. Yes, we'll send SLIMCARD anywhere in the world

Q. Can I order SLIMCARD outside the US?

A. Yes. We do not require verification of identity before sending SLIMCARD. Therefore, we can deliver SLIMCARD to any country.

Q. Will be my SLIMCARD personalized?

A. No. For loyalty systems personalization is not required, so we can deliver to any country in the world SLIMCARD. However, your name (the name of the card holder) will be displayed on the screen SLIMCARD if required to get the discount.

Q. Is shipping cost included in the cost of SLIMCARD?

A. The cost of delivery is included in the Pre-Order price.

Q. Is there a warranty on SLIMCARD?

A. Yes. SLIMCARD has limited one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Q. How can I make an exchange or refund in case of defects?

A. Just contact us at support@myslimcard.com. We will be happy to help you.

Q. What is required to use SLIMCARD?

A. To setup your SLIMCARD you need a smartphone (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) with installed app SLIMCARD.

Q. Why do I need mobile app?

A. The mobile application is required to:
- add cards;
- store cards and sync them with cloud;
- automatically determine required card with geolocation and transfer it to SLIMCARD;
- exchange discount cards between friends and family;
- estimate discounts in retailers;
- control your smartphone and receive notifications from it to SLIMCARD.

Q. Which mobile platforms supported by SLIMCARD app?

A. SLIMCARD available for mobile devices with operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The application is available for free on Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store.

Q. How do I add loyalty cards in the mobile application SLIMCARD?

A. You need to run app, push plus button on screen, choose type of card and required fields. Use camera to scan barcodes or QR-codes. If your card has magnetic stripe, use magnetic card reader that is supplied with SLIMCARD, just insert it into audio jacket of your smartphone and swipe the card when needed.

Q. How many loyalty cards can be added to the app?

A. You can add any reasonable number of cards to the mobile app.

Q. Does mobile app require Internet connection?

A. Internet connection is required for data synchronization and card sharing. Adding and using cards is possible the Internet connection.

Q. What do buttons on SLIMCARD?

A. The buttons on the SLIMCARD allow to turn on\off the device, connect it to the smartphone and to switch cards.

Q. Are loyalty cards stored on the SLIMCARD device?

A. Device stores only most frequently used cards; all other cards are stored on the smartphone.

Q. How can I find the right card?

A. When you press a button on a device, SLIMCARD determine your location and will offer you the necessary card or more than one if the location has several stores; then you need to select the desired card by pressing navigation buttons.

Q. Do I need to take the phone out of the pocket to use SLIMCARD?

A. No, you do not. To use SLIMCARD you do not have to do any actions with your phone. Just turn on SLIMCARD device and will automatically display required card.

Q. Can I use SLIMCARD to view notifications on the phone?

A. Yes, you can. SLIMCARD displays notifications from the phone on its screen (SMS, e-mail, social messages. Networks, etc.).

Q. Is it possible to control the phone with SLIMCARD?

A. Yes, it is. You can control your music player, camera, accept or reject calls with buttons on SLIMCARD.

Q. Is it possible to use multiple SLIMCARD devices with one smartphone?

A. No, it is not. For security reasons, SLIMCARD works with only one device at a time.

Q. Can I use a SLIMCARD device without a smartphone or tablet?

A. Yes, you can, but SLIMCARD device keeps only some frequently used card based on your preferences. The remaining cards will not be available.

Q. What if my SLIMCARD is lost or stolen?

A. If you lose your smarthone, you don’t lose data because it is stored in safe cloud storage. You need to get a new smartphone and install app SLIMCARD app. once you do it, your data will be downloaded from cloud storage.

Q. What if I lose my smartphone?

A. If you lose your smarthone, you don’t lose data because it is stored in safe cloud storage. You need to get a new smartphone and install app SLIMCARD app. once you do it, your data will be downloaded from cloud storage.

Q. Is it possible for strangers to connect to my SLIMCARD device without my knowledge?

A. No, it is not possible. SLIMCARD support only active connection with external device that is protected by PIN code.

Q. How SLIMCARD ensures safe data transmission?

A. All data that is transferred between SLIMCARD device and cloud service is encrypted with high level of security, so noone can intercept and use it.

Q. How can I charge my SLIMCARD?

A. SLIMCARD is chargeable by the cradle, included in the package.

Q. How long SLIMCARD can operate without recharging?

A. It depends on how often you use it. Under normal circumstances it should work for about a month.

Q. How do I determine that the device SLIMCARD need to recharge?

A. On the device there SLIMCARD battery indicator, and battery status can be viewed in a mobile application. In the case of low battery the device will come to the phone message about the need to recharge SLIMCARD.

Q. Is SLIMCARD waterproof?

A. No, SLIMCARD devices are not waterproof and do not allow for contact with water.

Q. Can I carry SLIMCARD device through the metal detector?

A. SLIMCARD device has metal parts and is identified with a metal detector, be sure to put SLIMCARD in designated areas, along with metal objects (keys, coins, mobile phones, etc.)

Q. What kind of mobile device does SLIMCARD support?

A. You can find list of supported mobile devices on our website.

Q. What is the size of my SLIMCARD device?

A. SLIMCARD’s dimensions are 54mm x 84mm x 1-3mm.

Q. What are the colors available?

A. Currently, SLIMCARD is available in black color only.

Q. What kind of material is used to make SLIMCARD?

A. SLIMCARD is made of plastic and flexible elements, including the screen. No worries about carrying your card in the back pocket of the jeans or even sitting on it.