How the company came to be, why we do what we do, and the team behind our products

Slimcard helps you to get discounts worldwide, and will free up space in your wallet from unnecessary plastic cards.

Companies cooperate with slimcard in order to target their clients, collect current information about customers needs and as a result of that information our partners have the ability to offer new services and expand their business.

Are you tired of experiencing the unfortunate situation of going in to a shop, store, or cafe and when they ask you about your discount card, you realize that you have left it at home? You pay full price, and for the rest of the day you feel uneasy about missing out on the savings and go on with your business - it’s just not your day. The story of our company started with the idea of helping people like you solve this problem.

Our story started back in 2011, when we patented the technology to scan barcodes from a mobile phone and then show it on the screen. However, we faced several issues with this software: it was not working in every store and the user experience was not as easy as we wanted, because users needed a special App on their phone. Another difficult challenge was that it is impossible to store the data from a magnetic strip. Therefore, we aimed for a more convenient solution that would make your life easier and create the perfect discount card. Our research, development, and experiments with the many different technologies lead us to the creation of slimcard.

What makes your phone so inconvenient? Just imagine that to get a discount at the checkout counter or cash desk you need to have your mobile phone in addition to your purse or wallet. Now you have to find and run an appropriate program, choose the right card in this application, and after that to show it to a waiter or a cashier. The next thing you know, you feel stressed out and you are holding up everyone in the line or queue behind you. It is not a fact that the store or restaurant's bar-code scanner will even be able to read the image from the screen of the phone.

In 2013 we turned over a new leaf and started over again while keeping in mind our core vision of the future card. In early 2014, our engineers developed the device called slimcard, which works with absolutely any in-store equipment in the world (POS-systems, barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, terminals and self-service systems) and it doesn't require any distributing facilities, additional costs, or effort. The new card that we created is recognized by nearly all major technologies for reading identification information and it has the familiar user-friendly format of a plastic card.

The main target of this project is to create a multifunctional and intelligent device that allows you to combine all of the main features of an identification system in one format (discount cards, payment cards, coupons, e-tickets, badges to work, etc.). Most importantly the card offers a simple way to use - SINGLE-CLICK EASE.

The user doesn't need to open their phone, choose something in it, or look for the right card among a stack of unwanted plastic. You simply take out our card, press one button and immediately get the discount card you need. All you have to do is pass to the cashier or waiter and get your discount. Our card is as easy to use as any plastic card and saves you time and space by combining all of your cards in to one.

Our mission is to simplify the process of customers buying goods and services worldwide and to unite all the global loyalty systems and discount programs worldwide in a single device.

lentFlex card is a big step forward in terms of card management, easy discounts and identification systems usage. This is the most commonly used and safest way of obtaining the customer information for the consumer and the business.

Our team

Vadym Bohdanovskyi

Founder, General Project Management and Product Development

Evgeniy Makukhin

Founder, Marketing and UX Development

Vladislav Dombrovskyy

Business Development and Quality Assurance

Kateryna Kondrunina

Business Development

Vyacheslav Koldovskyy

Marketing and Software Development

Dmitry Nagornyy

Hardware Development